Glam Lab makeup classes in New York offers a Makeup Pro Certification class. It is a hands-on class that is focused on beauty makeup. There is a total of about 8 hours of instruction time where students, instructors, and models all work together to learn makeup techniques. Makeup classes in New York encourage you to express your own style and creativity, and to become your own individual in the industry.

Upon completion of the class, you will be certified to work in freelance, events, photo shoots, television, and much more. This class is ideal for someone who may not have a lot of extra time to enroll in a full beauty school or full load of beauty classes.

The instructors at Glam Lab Makeup Studios work many well-known events such as Paris Fashion Week, Victoria Secret Fashion Show, makeup for many celebrities, New York Fashion Week and so much more. This in itself speaks volumes for the skills and capabilities.

Many graduates from Glam Lab have gone on to take part in very important and famous events. This would not be possible without the teaching of skilled instructors.

Glam Lab not only focuses on helping you to learn, but they also take pride in helping you find a job after your certification is complete. They offer students the opportunity to become freelance makeup artists for them. They also provide you with training of how to find and book your own jobs so that you can get your career going in the right direction with makeup classes in New York.

The makeup industry can be quite competitive, and it can take a great deal of work to make a name and reputation for yourself. It will take effort and consistency on your part, but, with the proper training and education, it will make it much easier to establish your name and become someone that clients seek out.