From this week’s article, we are going to check out some of the graduates coming from makeup courses in London to discover in what way they’ve progressed in there career and we’ll understand how there education has helped these people arrive at where these people are currently.

Caroline Danjuma

AOFM-letters-1Born on twenty six June 1980, Caroline Danjuma is a female with a very varied set of skills. Along with her enhancing cosmetics abilities, she is also a model and an actress. She has worked in many Nigerian motion pictures and is also one of the most notorious actresses inside the African film scene. Additionally eh act in motion pictures but this lady also creates a great number of movies. The primary specialises are in film writing, directing and other related fields. She has undergone training at Academy of Freelance Makeup, one of the top makeups schools in London. It is not uncommon for individuals to come from all over the globe to research makeup in London. Simply because it’s a real fashion capital and possesses some amazing makeup schools.


A couple of Academy of Freelance Makeup’s most fortunate graduated pupils got to work for 1 of the largest style labels on the planet, Mulberry. Along with Fabio Vivian, these people labored behind the scenes to create a few amazing hair styles. Mulberry is among one of the several style labels that Academy of Freelance Makeup send out their own graduate students to. The others include DKNY, Pucci, Louis Vuitton, Moncler & others. Academy of Freelance Makeup’s. It is a excellent characteristic of the academy of freelance makeup that they can train there pupils to this kind of great benchmark and trust them to represent the academy.

Yin Lee Team

Yin Lee has got under her a team involving Academy of Freelance Makeup Graduates whom at Mark & Estel’s 2015 Presentation wonderfully applied there trade to get the perfect appearance for the display. These people utilized a light suntan smoky eye, an exclusively blended lipstick of three colors, as well as organic facial area makeup just about all in order to display untroubled grace, being a nod to MARK AND ESTEL’s seaside beginnings. It was a wonderful experience for those associated and demonstrated once more why having a London makeup course is such a great idea considering that it’s graduates head on to these excellent levels. Several looks involved hats of many styles, including one specifically witchy one, featuring a wide-brim as well as extended torn wrap coming down one side. The headscarf would be seen once more, this particular event putting an emphasis on a few varied frocks.